Even in business, home comforts can go a long way. Europcar Business Fleet Services facilitates overseas vehicle hire for a wide variety of Irish companies and, no matter where a given project may take them, or for how long, the stellar service they are accustomed to in Ireland stays the same.

The Europcar Business Fleet Services team is plugged into an interconnected network comprising 150 countries and so, their clients have almost unlimited access to all the resources available within that framework.

Online Autonomy

Furthermore, the billing for all international vehicle rental remains in Ireland, at set contract rates on a monthly basis. Not only are all Europcar customers assigned a specific account manager but they also have the autonomy to add rentals – at any location – via their own online corporate reservation portal.

The corporate reservation portal can be used to add and store company driver profiles and monitor account activity. So, between the online portal and account manager, Europcar clients can address all of their overseas mobility requirements from a single touch-point.

Account Manager

International projects are a considerable undertaking for any business and, with that in mind, the Europcar account managers are there to ease some of the workload.

Whether a company requires one executive car for a two-day consultancy or a large fleet of vans over six months, their account manager will ensure they receive the most flexible and cost-effective offering possible. With the requisite notice, account managers will also facilitate vehicle specifications.

The Europcar team will negotiate highly competitive rates with their counterparts in the country in question, while they are always just a phone call or email away should the unexpected occur. Fixed rental rates are applied on a country-to-country basis.

With regards to insurance, standard coverage is applicable, with an excess as per agreed terms. Customers are provided rate sheets showing all Europcar vehicles and the corresponding insurance costs.

Europcar Business Fleet

Take your business global with Europcar

Seven Days A Week

All Europcar Business Fleet Services offerings are underpinned by their patented leasing model, which prioritises flexibility. The international service is available seven days a week, so a travelling workforce can always make advance, time-saving pick-ups.

Fluid, Ever-Accessible Service

Rosie Murphy is a travel coordinator at Exyte, a global design, engineering, and construction firm, who are based in Maynooth, Co. Kildare. Exyte often simultaneously require a variety of vans and cars in several countries and, over the past year, they have looked to Europcar to meet their International commercial vehicle hire needs.

Charged with overseeing Exyte’s travel arrangements, Rosie said the Europcar international service has been suitably flexible, reliable and seamless.

“Ours is a large company with extensive travel commitments and, after a year of working with the Europcar team, we are extremely happy with the fluid, ever-accessible service they provide.

“Staff are always on hand to amend our reservations, unexpected or otherwise, while our travellers, no matter the destination, are facilitated in the timeliest manner. All journeys are billed back to Ireland so invoicing could not be more straightforward.”