Based on the verified data distilled from an aggregate of two million journeys, we have established that the use of the Telematics interface will radically improve vehicle optimisation, fleet management, driver performance and safety.

Key Benefits

  • Real-time vehicle location mapping returning data every 8 seconds

  • Driver behaviour scoring based on speed, time of day, fatigue, idling, smoothness

  • Insurance-saving dialogue via pre and post-crash telemetry including G-force impact

  • Improved asset utilisation

  • Revenue savings through increased visibility of mileage and fuel costs

  • Advance diagnostic warning for fleet repair and/or  maintenance

  • Dashboard report functionality based on single individual, department grouping or company-wide stats

  • Vehicle geo-fencing to track time spent at particular locations/points of interest

  • Available in all fleet whether company owned, leased or Europcar vehicles including exclusion times for ‘grey fleet’ management

  • Fleet delivered with in-vehicle technology installed

Proven Telemetry Software

This user-friendly, interactive touchpoint allows fleet managers to track all vehicles and consistently monitor their condition and efficiency. Furthermore, the Rentalmatics system has been shown to greatly reduce insurance, maintenance and fuel costs, as well as curtailing incidents of speeding and their subsequent fines.

  • Real-time fleet reporting and geofence notifications

  • 33% reduction in fuel consumption for smooth drivers
  • 21% reduction in maintenance costs
  • Up to 25% savings on Insurance costs with revolutionary Driver Data
  • 49% reduction in speeding incidents and fines

Not a Europcar Customer? No Problem

You do not need to be an established Europcar customer to avail of all the benefits guaranteed by Rentalmatics. We offer the technology as a standalone service and will install it in any vehicle or vehicles of your choosing and provide you with access to a customized database so you can monitor all facets of your fleet.  Billing will occur on a rolling monthly basis.  Arrange a consultancy below.

Alternative 2 Leasing By Europcar

Vehicle telematics, like all our core services, is underpinned by the unique Europcar lease model. Dynamic and fluid, Alternative 2 Leasing employs fixed rates and rolling monthly contracts and affords the customer the flexibility to adapt or update their mobility requirements as the need arises. Our clients are unencumbered by restrictive long-term agreements or the prospect of depreciation costs.

Telematics Experts

Tanya Duignan
Tanya DuignanBusiness Fleet Services
Tanya started with Europcar in 2009, and since then her personal approach to assisting clients has seen Tanya promoted. Tanya has an ability to understand what a business needs, and now leads the innovative Corporate Car Sharing offering and fleet telematics divisions.
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