Corporate Car Sharing

Businesses with particularly fluid mobility requirements will benefit from our corporate car sharing and carpool technology. Designated onsite vehicles can be reserved and accessed with unrivalled speed, convenience and flexibility, while unnecessary transport costs, such as taxis and grey fleets, are all but eliminated. Thanks to our software and in-car technology, all you need is a smartphone!

If your business needs extra flexibility and wants to cut fleet costs then our corporate car sharing technology, through Europcar or GoCar could be the answer for you. Cars and vans can be reserved and accessed with speed, convenience and flexibility, eliminating unnecessary transport costs such as taxis, grey fleets and parking charges. A car sharing business account provides companies with the freedom and flexibility of owning a large fleet without the capital investment. There are no monthly fees so you will only be charged for what you use.

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Technology Platform



Vehicle network on your company site



User friendly booking platform



A keyless solution



Dedicated customer support

Key Benefits

Cost Saving

  • Reduction in transport costs such as short term rentals, taxis, grey fleets and parking charges

  • Rolling fixed rates – only pay when you rent – no long-term contracts

  • Maintenance, breakdown services and cleaning included

  • Maximise fleet efficiency and utilisation

  • Lower C02 emissions with fuel-efficient cars and electric vehicles.


  • User-friendly booking and administration platform

  • Reserve, access and start vehicles using a smartphone – it’s a keyless solution

  • Increased vehicle efficiency & reduction in grey fleet mileage

  • Monitor fleet activity in real-time via admin portal and get personal tips from custom electronic logbook

  • Access to fleet vehicles year round


  • Exclusive customer telephone support

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Vehicle delivery and collection

  • Option to adjust size and nature of fleet should business’ needs change unexpectedly

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Alternative 2 Leasing

Car sharing, like all our core services, is underpinned by the unique Europcar lease model. Dynamic and fluid, Alternative 2 Leasing employs fixed rates and rolling monthly contracts and affords the customer the flexibility to adapt or update their mobility requirements as the need arises. Our clients are unencumbered by restrictive long-term agreements or the prospect of depreciation costs.

Discover Our Fleet

Our fleet of vehicles includes a range of cars and commercial vehicles which can be rented from one hour to 24 months.

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