Businesses with particularly fluent mobility requirements will benefit from our corporate car-sharing/carpool technology. Designated onsite vehicles can be reserved and accessed with an unrivalled speed, convenience and flexibility, while unnecessary transport costs, such as taxis and grey fleets, are all but eliminated. Thanks to our software and in-car technology, all you need is a Smartphone!

Technology Platform



Vehicle network on your company site



User friendly booking platform



A keyless solution



Dedicated customer support

Key Benefits

Cost Saving

  • Reduce the number of business cars on the road through car sharing, while cutting costs on short-term rentals, taxis, and parking

  • Rolling fixed rates – only pay when you rent – and no long-term contracts

  • Includes maintenance, breakdown services and regular internal and external cleaning

  • Maximise vehicle efficiency & minimise grey fleet mileage with customised booking platform

  • Cut C02 emissions with fuel-efficient cars, or even electric vehicles.


  • User-friendly booking and administration platform, accessible via downloadable app

  • Reserve, access and start vehicles using a Smartphone – it’s a keyless solution

  • Monitor fleet activity in real-time via admin portal & get personal tips from custom electronic logbook

  • Access to fleet 364, 24/7


  • Customer telephone support

  • Dedicated account manager

  • Vehicle delivery and collection

  • Option to adjust size and nature of fleet should business’ needs change unexpectedly

Alternative 2 Leasing

Car sharing, like all our core services, is underpinned by the unique Europcar lease model. Dynamic and fluid, Alternative 2 Leasing employs fixed rates and rolling monthly contracts and affords the customer the flexibility to adapt or update their mobility requirements as the need arises. Our clients are unencumbered by restrictive long-term agreements or the prospect of depreciation costs.

Before using Europcar’s car-sharing software, we managed our vehicle process manually. Now, everything is automated. We can attribute the cost of staff exactly against each client and know when our vehicles are in use, by whom and for which client.

Frank Morley, Corporate Care Relocation Ireland

Car-Sharing Experts

Shane Maguire
Shane MaguireBusiness Account Manager
Shane works primarily with medium-sized businesses looking for multi-fleet solutions, primarily based on a specific need for the organisation. Shane offers a tailored, flexible, non-committal and non-financed fleeting service including the cost saving car sharing for business offering from Europcar.
Tanya Duignan
Tanya DuignanBusiness Fleet Services
Tanya started with Europcar in 2009, and since then her personal approach to assisting clients has seen Tanya promoted. Tanya has an ability to understand what a business needs, and now leads the innovative Corporate Car Sharing for businesses offering, bringing the benefits of car sharing to the corporate market.
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