In Ireland, business vehicle leasing is regarded by many as a required expense. But recently businesses are on the lookout to how they can maximise their fleet while minimising spend.

Though your business may tend to opt for vehicle purchases and leases, as going the flexible rental alternative is a new road and most don’t understand how it works.

A rental option does not necessarily mean that you are spending more but businesses are not yet savvy to know how it favours their businesses, and they assume any other leasing option will be presumed to come with a higher monthly cost.

If reviewed properly, it can simply be seen as an alternative to leasing option temporarily instead of owning your fleet. So why would you choose to opt for a long-term car rental with Europcar Business Fleet Services?

  1. No long-term contract necessary

Compared to leasing where you are stuck with a particular car type, Europcar Business Fleet services offer you the flexibility to change car type and fleet size as you need or as your business requires this ensures that you would not need use any other fleet provider.

As you are not tied to any long-term contract like a car or van leasing, you are free to either add or reduce your fleet and you will not be penalised for the early vehicle return. For example, you may have a seasonal peak and need big vans for a set period of time only.

Purchasing or leasing such vans would mean a company having vans that are too big most of the year, or vans that are too small to cope with peak periods. Often, long term rental as an option works well for companies that lease or purchase some vehicles where flexibility is not required.

  1. Adjustable fleet size

When you get your long-term rental option from Europcar Business Fleet Services, we understand that your vehicle requirements will change, and we look forward to working with you.

As most of you will be used to the lease process so we are very flexible to accommodate your business and personal needs either it is to increase the number of fleet due to uptick in business or minimise your fleet due to finished project, we are flexible as we understand business needs.

Or your additional requirements could include having the vehicles dropped off at specific work locations, additional accessories to your vehicles especially your van. These optional services and products are available for your convenience.

  1. Service and maintenance is covered

We know how important cost is to you to be on the road as soon as possible so we also ensured that servicing and maintenance are included in the service we offer. This also includes road tax,  repairs and vehicle servicing.


“It’s strengthened the whole vehicle element of our business. Europcar Business Fleet Services was able to do the customisation in regards to the branding of the vans and the extra bits we put on internally .”

  1. Save working capital with smart fleet rental option

Our clients commend us on this especially, as we ensure our rates stay the same throughout the year. Even though there are rate fluctuations in the rental markets especially during the peak rental periods, Europcar Business Fleet Services ensures you pay the same rate no matter the period. This makes your costing predictable and you can plan in advance how many cars or vans you will need when you get busy.