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If you ever ask me what is my favourite place in the world, without a doubt I will say that it is Ireland. I moved to Ireland 5 years ago and am fully integrated with this country. I have been working for Irish companies, studied in Irish Universities, and experienced many different aspects of life in Ireland.

I can say, with pride in my heart, that Ireland is an amazing place to live but it’s also a great place to start your business in or to move your business to. Ireland is becoming the next hub for start-ups and with many of the major global corporation already basing their European headquarters here, it is hard to find a reason not to enter the Irish marketplace.

This article will highlight some of the reasons why Ireland is so attractive to businesses. I will try to cover as many aspects as I can but if you have anything to add please feel free to do so. So let's rock and roll :)

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Competitive Tax Rates

Ireland’s corporation tax is low and is often cited as an example of tax competition as it is used as an incentive for foreign companies to invest in the state.

There are two rates of corporation tax in the Republic of Ireland:

  • 12.5% for trading income
  • 25% for non-trading income

However, Ireland also offers significant tax advantages to companies investing in research and development.

Fastest Growing Economy

In a previous article, I had mentioned that the Irish economy is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe. Through 2016, it is expected that Ireland will become the fastest growing EU economy. New preliminary figures from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) show that GDP increased by 7.8%, the fastest pace of growth since 2000.

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Amazing people, Irish Craic

I can talk about the Irish people for hours and probably write another article just to describe how great they are. The truth is that you will love working with them and before long you will become one of them! Here is amazing post from The Daily Edge that will give you a bit of understanding of the Irish culture, and Irish people in general. #powerofgreen

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Commercial properties

After reading this far you have actually started to think about relocating to Ireland and you can check commercial properties in Ireland through the popular website Daft.

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Ireland is in the EU!

Although the UK is still a while from officially leaving the European Union, startups and companies now need to factor this into their future plans. There is a long way to go before Britain officially exits the EU, Ireland can offer certainty of access to the single market. This is a huge advantage of basing your company in Ireland and the fact Ireland will be the only native English speaking country in the EU.

A lot of big firms have their European headquarters are in Ireland

A full list of the top 1000 companies can be found here. You can also see who has their European headquarters based in Ireland.

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Access to highly educated workforce

Ireland has a very skilled workforce with top universities such as DIT, UCD, DCU, Trinity, and UCC providing a constant flow of highly educated individuals. It is this access to a young and highly educated workforce that initially attracted companies to Ireland. In addition, Ireland is attracting top talent from across the globe.


Ireland has been known to be a tech hotspot with Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Facebook, LinkedIn, Hubspot and Dell all located here. In 2014 news station CNBC nicknamed Dublin's “Silicon Docks” calling it an emerging tech hub to challenge silicon valley. Dublin is now one of the leading tech hubs of Europe rivaling the like of London which is huge considering London has a population of over 8 million people while the greater Dublin area has just 1.8 million people.

Ireland is now also home to a large number of data centres, with Microsoft, Facebook and Apple constructing huge facilities in Ireland. The availability of a naturally cool climate reduces the costs of maintaining temperatures in the data centre.

Here is really great website Irish Tech News where you can see all of the latest news about technologies.

Enterprise Ireland and IDA can help you to open new office or relocate

Enterprise Ireland offer many different grants and helpful solutions to companies that are currently set up in Ireland and companies looking to establish a base here. IDA can assist in relocating to Ireland. The following link will outline the steps you can take to set up your business here and the supports offered by IDA.

Mainland Europe just an hour away.

A great advantage of Ireland is that it is the closest point of Europe to the USA and Canada and while an island is only 1-hour flight away from mainland Europe. This can make commuting from your European headquarters in Ireland to your other bases around Europe quick and easy. In addition, the availability of flights to North America and the ability to clear US customs in Ireland are huge attractions to US companies.

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Ireland stamp of quality

Awarded one of the best countries to live in according to the Washington Post in 2016.

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P.S: One of the biggest minus of this country is the weather, so if you are immigrating from some sunny paradise, like Spain or Italy, get ready to experience a change in the weather every 10 minutes. Ireland regularly experiences the four seasons in a single day, sometimes even in the just the morning!

Don’t worry - you will get used to it :)