Electric vehicles can go the distance – just ask James Bond

A cache of documents, leaked from the traditionally airtight ranks of MI6, has revealed that a certain 007 will now be embarking on his hazardous missions in an electric vehicle. None other than James Bond, a man renowned for pursuing nefarious renegades to the ends of the earth, has come [...]

Is your organization ready for corporate car sharing?

Car sharing in Ireland is becoming more and more popular with companies like Gocar and Yuko leading the way when it comes to individual rentals. But facilitating the same service for businesses is a little bit trickier as it requires the buy-in of directors. Corporate Car Sharing is a [...]

Find out what Europcar Business Fleet Services can do for you

More often than not, businesses live or die on that uncanny ability to clearly communicate their message. There’s no one right way to do so but, without fail, it’s all too evident when the message has been received. Europcar is celebrated worldwide as an industry leader in retail vehicle [...]