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When an individual or company have a need for a car or van, the majority do not consider long-term rental to be an option. At the initial stage of long term rental, a person can find it difficult to determine what the best option is. In the previous article: “15 Reasons Why Long Term Car Rental is an Option for your Business”, I explained why as an individual you should consider long term rental.

Today I’m interviewing two Europcar Business Fleet services employees, Jon Jerromes- Head of Business Fleet services and Nicole Madden - Inside Sales and Admin Assistant. Jon and Nicole will bring us through the customer journey and explain key points of the long-term car and van rental. The information provided by Jon and Nicole applies to both individual long-term rental and company long-term rental.

Jon Jerromes Nicole Maiden

Part one – Long-Term Rental for Individuals:

Elena: I believe that the first step for an individual is to identify their need of vehicle. A person is coming to the realisation that they need to get a vehicle. The next step would be to research the options open to them. Jon, can you give any advice to the individuals that are looking into long-term vehicle rental?

Jon: “When you are doing your research make sure that you are doing it based on the length of time that you need a vehicle for. If you are planning to get a long-term rental make sure that you are not going to the short-term rental websites because this will restrict your rental requirement.”

Elena: Ok, I’ve made a decision and I would like to make an enquiry about your long-term car rental. What is the best way to contact Europcar?

Nicole: “A full set of information can be found on our Europcar Business fleet services website, europcarfleet.ie . Firstly, you can contact us via email businessfleetservices@europcar.ie and ask questions that you would like to get answered. Email is the number one channel that the majority of consumers prefer to use currently. Also you can call our contact centre on 1800 817 335, and we also have an online chat service on our website.”

Elena: If I decide to go ahead with a long-term Europcar vehicle rental, will I be dealing with the same agent through the entire process?

Jon: “Yes, you will have a dedicated account manager that will look after you from start to finish.”

Elena: Can your team help me get the right vehicle for my needs?

Nicole: “Here at Europcar we care about our clients and listening to their requirements. Depending on your reasons for renting we are always here to help you to find the right solution.”

Jon: “Once we understand the profile a little bit better of the customer then we can provide some suggestions regarding the type of vehicle to suit you. The customer may not know what type of a vehicle they need and it is our responsibility to make sure that they are renting the right type for their needs. The type of questions we usually ask to help us better understand the customer’s requirements are: “Do they need space? Do they need room to carry people or luggage?, Are long journey part of their needs?”

Elena: Next step, insurance. Can you please explain the specific details around rental insurance? Do I need car insurance, what type of insurance do I need?

Jon: “Yes, in terms of renting a car you need to be fully insured. Generally for long-term car renting, most people will have their own individual insurance policy. We would suggest your own individual insurance because it will give you more flexibility. Our policy will allow named drivers and the age of the driver comes in to play. We can do both but it is better for the client to go with their own cover. It is much more cost effective for the individual to take their own policy.”

Elena: What documents do I need to provide to Europcar when applying for long-term car rental?

Nicole: “If you are going to apply for Europcar insurance you need to be over the age of 25 and you need to have a full drivers licence for two years. If you are going to provide your car insurance there is no age limit. For the actual renting of the car, you would need to provide: Utility bill (should be issued within the last three months), and payment (debit or credit card).

Elena: Is there is an age limit to long-term car rental?

Nicole: “Age limit is 25+ on Europcar cover. “

Elena: Would I be able to rent even if I don’t have a full driving licence?

Jon: ”If you don’t have a full driving licence you cannot rent a vehicle from us, unless you are renting on behalf of a company and your company policy allows you to drive with a learner licence. In this case, you would have to produce your company policy to us and we would have to verify that your name is on the policy”.

Elena: Would I be able to rent if I have a driver licence from another country?

Jon: “A licence from another country has to be in English, or you need to translate it into English and it has to be endorsed. In some circumstances, it may have to be a licence from a foreign country which is accompanied by an international driving licence that is valid for one year. You can contact us if you have any specific questions”.

Elena: Is a deposit required?

Nicole: “Yes, if you are going to use a credit card method of payment or debit card we will require one month rental upfront plus one month deposit”.

Jon:” We have to actually take money from the debit card whereas with a credit card we can determine if there is enough money on the credit card to complete a pre-authorization.”

Elena: Nicole, what options of payment do you have?

Nicole: “An individual will have to pay by either a credit or debit card. A company can pay for invoice, if they need all the specific requirements and volume of buyers.”

Elena: Is there a specific location that I can collect my rented vehicle?

Nicole:” You can collect a car from any of our branches, we have 18 locations in the Republic of Ireland. Europcar can also organise to have your vehicle delivered directly to you.”

Elena: Is there is a possibility to exchange the car straight away if I’m not happy with it?

Jon: “It shouldn’t normally happen because if you take a car from us on a long term bases we would have normally spoken several times over the phone or by email. The car will have been negotiated in advance, if you are taking the car on your own insurance we will have given you all the car’s information. If for any reason there is an issue with it we are happy to change the car over”.

Elena: Can you please let me know what the procedure is if I am involved in a car accident or I encounter mechanical issues?

Nicole: “If you encounter mechanical issues we would send a recovery truck or call the AA to change your car if it cannot be repaired on the road side. If you get into a car accident you need to complete an accident report form and then we would send the AA to recover the vehicle. It will take 24 hours before Europcar would be able to provide another vehicle.”

Elena: What is the car return process?

Jon:” When you are ready to return your rental vehicle, which can be any time, just drop it to any of our locations. When you come back to the locations for drop off, we will check the vehicle, do a walk around the car to see if there is any new damage. Once check-up is completed we will provide you with confirmation that all is ok. To close the contract any balance due (i.e. fuel) will need to be paid to Europcar, or if you are paying in advance there may be some money due back to you.”

Jon, Nicole, I would like to thank you for your time. Part two “What is rent procedure for renting a vehicle on behalf of the business?”.