2019- Long Term Car Rental: 15 Reasons Why​ it is an Option for Your Business

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Would you like to know how Long Term Car Rental is the making businesses more efficient and how you can avail your business to this service?

Now that the night of recession is lifting and Ireland is the fastest-growing European Union economy more and more businesses are getting back on track.

Business needs are growing and when the time comes to source new cars or vans for your business, there are different options to consider. Should fleet vehicles be purchased, rented on a long term basis or leased?

Nowadays long term car or van rental is an alternative to buying or leasing. The concept is simple, you get the car or van you want for as long or as short as you need.

Long Term Car and Van Rental: 15 Reasons Why it is an Option for Your Business

1. Flexibility – With long term rental your business is not tied to a fixed term commitment. Vehicles can be access for as long as is needed. Your business will only pay for what is used. Research also shows that for businesses to survive, they need to be flexible and Long Term car rental will offer your business.

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2. Off-Balance Sheet Funding – one of the key benefits of long term car renting is that your company can source vehicles without acquiring debt onto your balance sheet.

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3. Peace of Mind - If circumstances change your business can return the vehicle without incurring any early return penalties giving you total peace of mind. You will never need worry about selling or trading your car in. At the end of the rental, you can decide to extend your rental or just return the vehicles when you are done or your project is completed unlike leasing, you will get penalised for returning the car early.

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4. Map your business to your seasonal business fluctuations – Should your business ramp up at certain periods or tail off at other times you can balance this with your long term rental requirements. Unlike leasing, adding to or removing vehicles is simple without the need for new capital exposure or finance approval.

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5. Convenience - Long term Car rental will help you to maximise your investment because you will only pay for what your company needs and avoid the costs of an under-utilised fleet.

This model will help your business stay dynamic, as it will help you get a vehicle for less money and a lower cost per month.Traditionally you can get into leases for less money down and less monthly cost. But with Long term rental, you now get to enjoy the benefits of a vehicle lease plus the flexibility of a rental.

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6. Freedom to Change Vehicles – with long-term rental, you can swap vehicles as your needs vary. As companies grow, they need access to different kinds of vehicles to do specific jobs. Attending an important meeting and need something that will impress? With long term vehicle rental, this type of fleet adjustment is no problem at all. This is where Europcar Business Fleet services ensures that you business is more nimble compared to your competitors. You just have to decide when you will need a different vehicle type and we will ,make the arrangement for you.

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7. Full-service offerings – vehicle costs include maintenance and road tax while commercial vehicles include the annual DOE Test as standard.

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8. The team of Experts – Europcar employs a team of fleet specialists that are on hand to assist you in any way possible while you get on with the important business of running your company. At Europcar, customer service, customer consultation and client management are keys to ensuring a long-term and successful partnership.

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9. Age of Fleet Europcar Business fleet vehicle age is an average 10 months old. Fuel Efficient Fleet – With a long term rental from Europcar, your business will benefit from new and high spec models offering the latest fuel efficient technology.

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10. Avoid Depreciation Costs - When you source your vehicles from Europcar you don’t carry the cost of depreciation. Rent depreciating assets, don’t own or lease them. There is no reason to own a vehicle or anything you know will go down in value over time when you can have them for the period of time they are needed.

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11. Up to date fleet - If you feel that you need to upgrade or downgrade, your business can always go ahead and do it.

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12. Modern Fleet – With Europcar, you can upgrade or change vehicle as often as is required. Ensuring you benefit from the latest models and face-lift variants that come onto the market. With our flexible terms you can have a vehicle for 1 / 3 / 6+ Months and return or change it as you want it would be like you are having cars on demand. But when you lease our vehicles, you are not flexible, with your terms and you get to pay more when you break the contract.

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13. Nationwide service - Europcar has over 18 Locations in Ireland, giving you access to fleet vehicles in the areas your business requires them.

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14. Less Hassle – The Business Fleet Services team at Europcar take away the hassle of operating a business fleet.

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15. 24/7 Management Portal - Europcar Business Fleet services has 24/7 online booking system so you can book your vehicle whenever it is convenient for you. In addition, we give you access to previous invoices and allow you book the delivery and collection of fleet vehicles nationwide.

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