How Europcar Business Fleet Services can help you to grow your business

We are introducing the economy and why companies can be optimistic and look to expand.

Through 2016, it is expected that Ireland will become the fastest growing EU economy. New preliminary figures from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) show that GDP increased by 7.8%, the fastest pace of growth since 2000.

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Companies that want to expand face critical decisions. Prudent companies will be expanding carefully, and assessing these new opportunities continuously. Europcar Business Fleet Services provides a long term rental model for businesses that would have gone the vehicle leasing model route.

The Irish economy is growing and many organisations in the Small Medium Enterprise sectors are looking to drive their business forward and looking for funds to allow expansion. Whilst this is a positive step, this solution remains a financed, underwritten term loan that can and will affect your future borrowing limits. By locking capital or borrowing for expansion, you may be restricting further growth due to lack of future available funding.

The Europcar Business Fleet Services model gives your company flexible fleet options with the added benefit of not carrying this cost on your balance sheet. This will allow your hard earned capital to be saved or utilised in other areas of your business.

From short term solutions to multi-fleet, long-term national requirements, Europcar can tailor a solution covering all business needs. Europcar has a fleet of just under 7,000 vehicles in Ireland, all with an average age of fewer than 10 months old. This means your company can take advantage of emerging business opportunities with minimum risk, and without the need for your fleet to have fixed contract terms or be financially underwritten.

Flexibility is Important to Expanding Companies.

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Firstly, choosing a long term rental over a lease or purchase offers companies the benefit of flexibility. Instead of tying your company into the purchase of a depreciating asset, or a lease with a minimum time period, long term rental allows companies to rent vehicles only when needed.

Europcar Business Fleet Services believe in offering companies flexibility when sourcing vehicles and have designed a service that allows companies to scale up or down their vehicle fleet. The service works on a pay per use model ensuring your company does not tie up capital in an underutilised resource.

There is no notice period required. When you’ve finished with the rental the vehicle can be returned. You only pay for the days that you utilise.

Company Image.

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How your company is being represented in your fleet is also an important factor to consider. Europcar Business Fleet Services will keep your team in modern vehicles that will reflect well on your brand. (A vehicle can look tired with three years of use.)

In fact, Europcar can supply you with commercial vehicles branded professionally with your own company brand. We understand that mobile branding is one of the best, most cost-effective means of driving your business. That is why we will make sure that we will help your company to maximise your exposure.

When a company hires a van, Europcar can supply the van branded professionally with your company identity. This ensures your company can benefit from increased brand awareness when renting a van from Europcar.

24 Hour Turn-Around

As a business owner, one of the most important commodity you don't have is time. When you are an account holder with Europcar Business Fleet, we guarantee a 24-Hour turnaround time to get you on the road as soon as possible.

We are able to do this due to the fleet size of over 8000 vehicles across Ireland to ensure your need are met on time without delay.

We ensure that customers are served with the urgency it requires to get you on the road.

In Addition.

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• Arm the sales team with a new fleet all the time – keeping the brand they represent strong;

• Add logos if needed onto the side of the sales vehicles to give visual assistance on specific campaigns. In addition, long-term insurance, and vehicle branding are now included in our Van Rental Solutions;

• Attract the right candidate by adding the right car into the offering without being committed;

• Reduce internal costs with the eradication of expenses for mileage set ups, car allowances.

Overall, I would like to highlight that we are working in the interest of our clients and always ready to assist with any challenge.