Long Term Vehicle Renting Customer Journey (Part 2) | Europcar Business Fleet Services

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When an individual or company have a need for a car or van, the majority do not consider long-term car rental to be an option. At the initial stage of long term rental, a person can find it difficult to determine what the best option is.

This second part of the interview with Europcar Business Fleet services employees, Jon Jerromes- Head of Business Fleet services and Nicole Madden - Indoor Sales and Admin Assistant . Jon and Nicole will bring us through the customer journey and explain key points of a long-term car or van rental. This part will provide information about: "Long Term Vehicle Renting Customer Journey for the Business". In this part we will go through the same questions again and we will see what is the difference.

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Part two – Long Term Car Rental for Companies:

Elena: What are the main benefits companies see when they chose long term rental over other options?

Jon: To answer this question I would like to address you to our "15 Reasons Why Long Term Car Rental is an Option for your Business " blog post that will give you the full answer to your question and maybe more.

Elena: As a business customer I was looking for a long-term vehicle option. I have made a decision to choose long-term rental over purchasing a vehicle and I would like to make an inquiry. What is the best way to contact you guys? Also, what is the process?

Nicole: “A full set of information can be found on our Europcar Business fleet services website, europcarfleet.ie . Firstly, you can contact us via email businessfleetservices@europcar.ie and ask questions that you would like to get answered. Email is the number one channel that the majority of consumers prefer to use. In addition, you can call our contact center on 1800 817 335, and we also have an online chat service on our website.

One of our sales consultants will discuss the proposal and prices if you would like to go ahead we would send all relevant paperwork depending on how your company would like to pay. Usually, a company that needs to rent a number of vehicles will have an invoice account if they pass a credit check.”

Elena: What is a credit check used for and what is the next step?

Jon: “We use a credit check to associate the financial stability of a company in order to establish credit limits. Once we have completed a credit check on a company we can determine the value of their credit limit and deposit amount. If it is a company based account the company needs to complete the documents that we will send them and provide the following information; insurance policy details, drivers’ details, a location of their business, contact for finance and etc .”

Elena: If I decide to go ahead with your company will I be dealing with the same consultant through the process?

Jon: “You will have a dedicated account manager that will look after you from start to finish.”

Elena: Will your team help me to get the right vehicle solution?

Jon: “Absolutely! Our goal is to understand the client’s needs. With over 6500 vehicles on the fleet we can ensure we match your requirement. ”

Elena: Next step is insurance. Can you please explain the insurance process to me?

Jon: “We would recommend having your own insurance if you are planning to rent a number of vehicles. Europcar can also provide insurance for you but you are going to be restricted and it might not fit your needs.”

Elena: Are there any age restriction?

Nicole: "No, if you are renting as a company you will be insured with your own company policy”.

Elena: What if the driver has a driver's licence from another country?

Jon: “A license from another country must be is accompanied by an international driving licence that is valid for one year”.

Elena: What payment options are available for business accounts?

Nicole: “All credit accounts are paid by direct debit.”

Elena: Where do I collect my vehicle from?

Nicole: “You can collect the car from any of our 16 branches nationwide. In addition, we can organise a vehicle delivery and collection service directly to your business.”

Elena: Can you please let me know what the procedure is if the vehicle is involved in an accident or has some mechanical issues?

Jon: “There is no difference between individuals and company. As discussed previously, the same scenarios will apply. We have a nationwide fleet breakdown procedure behind all of our vehicles on the road, whether renting as individuals or they are renting a fleet of 50 vehicles”.

Elena: What is the process for returning a vehicle?

Jon: “Basically when you are renting you are not committed to a contract with us. However, if your circumstances change you may add or remove vehicles to suit your business needs.”

Jon, Nicole I would like to thank you both for your time. It was really an educational interview. wish you all the best and see you in the office.