Back To School Safety

Our first safety tip is essential and that's to stay fit physically and mentally. It's important that all drivers are alert at the wheel so if you're not up to driving don't risk it. Your precious cargo (kids) won't mind missing out on the homework if you're feeling under the weather.

It's all about concentration and control. The school run can make drivers complacent so treat yourself to a coffee whenever you can and don't rush. Expect the unexpected. Imagine yourself in the back seat with the kids and suddenly every aspect of the road becomes a potential danger.

Make sure your vehicle is in good working order. We've all seen pilots kick the wheels of an air plane and it's not a bad place to start. Check your Tyre pressures, know how to change a Tyre and take a look at your spare to make sure it's pumped up next to your tool kit.

If you vehicle is not in the best condition, ensure that you either rent a car long term or find a way to lease a car.

As the evenings draw in, you'll be relying on your front and rear lights more than usual so do a quick test to make sure they' re in working order after the Summer months. You may not think it but hazard lights are the most important lights on your vehicle, so don't forget them. Hazard lights save lives.

At Europcar, we pride ourselves on having a fully serviced, young fleet so you don't need to worry about getting our cars serviced but there's a few simple things you can do for your own. Keep an eye on your oil and water levels and regularly top up your fluid washer bottles so you can clean your windscreen for perfect vision when driving. Monitor the gauges on your dashboard to see if there are any inconsistencies that may need attention.

Added, Europcar Business Fleet Services also provide both individual and business rentals. As some of you know the brand very well as a rental company servicing holiday makers. Did you know that we also lend our services to SME, and large corporations as well.

Well, give us a call to find out how we could serve your business, most businesses belief they need to have all of their vehicles on long term leasing contract. We provide you with the opportunity to be flexible with some of your vehicles.

This will provide your business with the opportunity to bee flexible with your fleet and the opportunity to change between car classes as you wish. This gives you the opportunity to keep the vehicles on a long term rental terms.

And finally, with the kids back to school, there may be more debris floating about the interior of your vehicle so take the time to remove any loose objects that may roll about the car floor and get trapped under the pedals. Please make sure all your seat-belts are in working order and any child seats have been adjusted for maximum comfort and protection.

As always, Europcar strive to go beyond all expectations for our customers, so feel free to call us for a chat about further safety tips or even tricky algebra. Drive safe and best of luck with the school run this year!