Almost every facet of the modern mobility industry is in a perpetual state of flux, but the demand for an elite, reliable commercial fleet remains an unwavering constant.

At Europcar Business Fleet Services, we know it is incumbent on us to respond to these ever-emerging trends but, just as importantly, to uphold our promise to make the widest possible variety of passenger, commercial, luxury and bespoke vehicles available to our customer base.

Alternative 2 Leasing

At any given time, across 22 nationwide locations, we have a 10,000-strong fleet ready to deploy. Our fleet reflects not just the dynamism of the marketplace but also the diversity of our clients, who rely on our contribution to ensure successful fleet management in their day-to-day operations.

By choosing Europcar Business Fleet Services, enterprises are availing themselves of our leasing solutions, which encompasses only the most efficacious aspects of business vehicle leasing, long-term car rental and other modes of corporate mobility.

The application of the Alternative 2 Leasing model also includes the same solutions as traditional commercial van leasing companies, but with the additional flexibility of no restrictive long-term contracts.

Meet the Fleet


Europcar. Picture Conor McCabe Photography.

Whether you’re a nomadic engineer or jet-setting CEO, travelling in comfort, safety and style is paramount. From the luxurious and regal Audi A6 to the mammoth Volkswagen Crafter transit van, our collection of premier models is equipped to mobilise every member of staff in the company.

The volume or scope of vehicles is never an issue, nor is the length of time they are required, and we will deliver an electric vehicle, commercial SUV or single and double-cab tipper to a predetermined destination.

Access to reliable commercial vehicle leasing

And, in the event of a customer’s requirements changing abruptly, they know that their dedicated account manager can be relied on, even under the strictest of deadlines.

Emma Heffernan is a senior account executive at PRL and, as she told broadcaster and entrepreneur Bobby Kerr, her clients often need immediate access to the Europcar fleet.

The main thing for us is availability. So, that’s a variety of vehicles available all the time, nationwide. We recently needed 19 vehicles quickly, and at the best price we could get them, so we got onto Europcar… and we were able to come up with an arrangement that worked for us.

Customization and Telematics

All of our mobility solutions are specified to the exact needs of each client – we don’t do generic. On request, we will internally and externally customize entire fleets.


Fleet customised by Europcar

This process can range from the installation of steel or timber storage compartments to the branding of vans in company livery. Furthermore, with a view to safety, our team can also install rear sensors and cameras, chevrons or tow-bars.

For just an additional €15 a month per vehicle, our state-of-the-art telematics system can be permanently activated. The benefits of fleet telematics include advance diagnostic warnings, improved vehicle utilisation, and real-time location mapping, which provides updates every eight seconds.