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Long Term Vehicle Leasing | Europcar Business Fleet

In Ireland, business vehicle leasing is regarded by many as a required expense. But recently businesses are on the lookout to how they can maximise their fleet while minimising spend. Though your business may tend to opt for vehicle purchases and leases, as going the flexible rental alternative is a new road and most don't [...]

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Fleet management basics for fleet managers

Fleet management can be complex, and some of the reasons included a lack of expertise in-house, the size of the fleet, the type of fleet and potential cost savings. When it comes to optimizing the size of a fleet, fleet managers are tasked with finding solutions to a variety of questions. These questions may [...]

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The story of how Europcar, and a bit of luck, changed one sceptic’s mind about electric vehicles

Electric vehicles have accelerated into the forefront of the sustainable energy space but, despite their soaring popularity, there is a lingering scepticism about their ability to deliver over long distances. The evidence to the contrary, however, is quite compelling. Before attending the annual SEAI Energy Show, which was held at the RDS in March, Paul [...]

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Europcar Customers Enjoy Fantastic Discounts At Circle-K Ireland

Europcar Business Fleet Services is proudly partnered with Circle-K Ireland and, thanks to this exciting alignment of two like-minded brands, our commercial customers are entitled to a host of exclusive discounts at participating company-owned service stations across the country. Ever-striving to deliver the most innovative and cost-effective packages, in partnership with Circle-K, Europcar is delighted [...]

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International commercial car and van hire with Europcar provides all the comforts of home

Even in business, home comforts can go a long way. Europcar Business Fleet Services facilitates overseas vehicle hire for a wide variety of Irish companies and, no matter where a given project may take them, or for how long, the stellar service they are accustomed to in Ireland stays the same. The Europcar Business Fleet [...]

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Alternative 2 leasing or Leasing which is better

Why Alternative 2 leasing? Car leasing is a cost-effective and hassle-free way to drive a brand-new vehicle whilst benefiting from fixed monthly payments for a period of 2 to 5 years, manufacturer warranties and road tax. Though it is affordable, alternative 2 leasing provides an opportunity to be absolutely flexible. Who can lease a car? [...]

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Quickly access commercial fleet when needed

Almost every facet of the modern mobility industry is in a perpetual state of flux, but the demand for an elite, reliable commercial fleet remains an unwavering constant. At Europcar Business Fleet Services, we know it is incumbent on us to respond to these ever-emerging trends but, just as importantly, to uphold our promise to [...]

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Europcar Business Fleet Services replacement car rental – at your disposal anytime, anywhere

There are few experiences more infuriating, particularly when en route to an important appointment, than the breakdown of a car. Should one find themselves in an unfamiliar setting, that frustration can quickly turn to panic, especially if the driver has no form of recourse put in place. Luckily, such contingency plans are now all but [...]

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