Corporate Car Sharing

Ubeeqo is the European leader in corporate car sharing market.
With our software and in car-technology, cars are easier to book
and manage. Our aim is to save you time and money, and make it
easy for both managers and employees

User friendly booking platform

A keyless solution with in-car technology

Vehicle network on your company site

Software and in-car technology

We make cars easier to book and manage, saving you time and money, making it easier for both managers and employees.

Fleet Reduction by mutualising the use of available vehicles.

Reduction of ground transportation expenses. Reduce taxi spend, grey fleet and short-term rentals.

Introduction of electric cars. We'll help promote electric vehicles to your employees!

Customer satisfaction at our current clients. Make daily business travel easy. And open your fleet to private use.


Maybe your challenges are: the management and utilisation rate of pool cars, grey fleet, TCO, availability of parking spaces, driver care, reduction of CO2?

Our tailor-made fleet solution helps you optimise the daily management of pool cars and mutualise the use of vehicles to maximise efficiency.


Pay as you go, self-service cars on your company car park. It's free for you to implement and we manage everything. It's cheaper than taxis and helps prevent staff from having to use their own cars and going through lengthy expense processes. It's a great employee benefit, as they can have the option to use the cars for business or personal use. Plus, all journeys are provided on 1 invoice and the app gives you access to cheap taxis and car-rentals.


You may have one of our car club stations near your office. Our cars are easy to book last minute and available 24/7. All journeys are provided on 1 invoice.

Phone: 1800 947 243