Europcar's Business Fleet Service drives growth at any scale.

Client Testimonials

PR Reilly
“How did Europcar fit into the PR Reilly overall fleet requirements? Europcar offered the flexibility that our business demands by providing a variety of vehicle types through their various locations nationwide. We have received a high standard of customer service from Europcar. Can PR Reilly rely on Europcar Business Fleet Services? Like PR Reilly, Europcar is a growing business and I’m confident that we are found ideal vehicle partner for our business.

PR Reilly was established in 1945 and from there, has grown to become Ireland's largest distributor of motor parts and car accessories to the Irish motor industry. Over the years we have lead the way in introducing new innovative motor parts and car accessories to Ireland. Working as a team, we have built up strong motor accessories distribution channels throughout Ireland where products we import from Europe, America and Asia are sold onto both motor trade and retail customers.

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Gaeltec Utilities
“Europcar were very interested in understanding what our challenges were as a business and flexibility was a key factor to it. We’ve grown over the past number of years … and the flexibility and efficiency of Europcar within that time frame has been a huge part of that success.” - Declan Wynne, Commercial Director.

Founded in 2003, Gaeltec Utilities Limited has grown to become one of the leading companies operating in the energy and renewable sectors in Ireland. Headquartered in Kilkenny and employing over 200 staff nationwide, Gaeltec’s fleet requirements include both executive cars and fleet vans for transporting equipment and people.

When Europcar Business Fleet Service first engaged with Gaeltec Utilities in 2009, the challenge was to develop a more agile and responsive fleet management solution aligned with their specific business needs. Declan Wynne, Commercial Director at Gaeltec was looking to change the way in which they engaged with their supply chain and the needs of logistics and fleet.

Europcar’s dedicated Business Fleet Service team worked with Declan to understand the nature of his business and to engage with him at a very deep level to tailor a specific fleet rental solution that allowed him the flexibility to increase or decrease his fleet requirements at short notice, and give him the nationwide access he needed to a wide range of cars and vans of all types.

Gaeltec’s business has grown significantly in the last few years and Europcar’s flexible fleet rental solution has played a positive role in helping Gaeltec achieve that growth in the energy and renewables sector. Declan uses our full modern range of fleet cars and vans on a continual basis and we've worked closely together to provide Gaeltec with a flexible, efficient fleet service he can rely on.

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HB Dennis
“Although confidence is growing there is still a reluctance to commit to long term contracts, so working in partnership with Europcar Business Fleet Services means we can offer a flexible fleet solution at a keen price.”

Michele Hanlon, Sales Manager with HB Dennis Leasing, needed to provide a nationwide service to their customers that could provide flexibility in line with seasonal needs and growth within their business.This service means providing a one-stop shop for all motoring needs that leaves customers free to concentrate on growing their core business while HB Dennis manages all their transport and motoring requirements.

Michele sees the fleet leasing business as now in a growth phase after the big downturn during the recession:

“Although confidence is growing there is still a reluctance to commit to long term contacts, so working in partnership with Europcar Business Fleet Service means we can offer a flexible fleet solution at a keen price.”

Working in partnership with our Business Fleet Service team, HB Dennis Leasing has been able to support their customer requirements by using our nationwide network to make their response time and service level extremely good.

“With the support of the 14 Europcar locations, we can ensure the vehicles are fully maintained and safe and if there are any issues, the vehicle can be swapped any day of the week.We can also offer a nationwide drop off and collection service thus reducing driver downtime, and the vehicles available are always of the highest standard.”

HB Dennis responds to the market faster with Europcar’s flexible fleet service

Through the partnership with Europcar’s Business Fleet Service team, Michele was also able to ease the administration burden for their customers by transferring the administration of tolls and fines, to deliver a simpler and more efficient service all around.

Now when Michele meets a new client, she can offer a fully flexibile fleet option which gives them reassurance.This is equally important to her existing clients who are expanding and need a quick response to their transport needs to get new fleet cars and vans on the road fast.

“They have peace of mind that they will be supported 24/7 365 days, and Europcar’s Business Fleet Service has helped us to build up relationships with our customers and cement business for the longer term.”

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“What Europcar had for my needs was flexibility of vehicles… Europcar ticked all the boxes. The added benefit is that it’s a partnership between both of us. Europcar are willing to work with us to make sure our business succeeds.” – Noel O’Loughlin, Field Sales Manager.

Founded in 2008, CandyKing quickly established itself as one of the largest pick n mix candy suppliers in Ireland working with Tesco's nationwide cinema outlets and more. Building on its strong supplier relationships, Candyking offers a comprehensive product assortment, comprising of hundreds of confectionery products and more than one hundred natural snack products.

When Noel came to us, he was looking for a partner who could understand his business and anticipate his rapidly changing fleet requirements. CandyKing’s challenge was to have short term access whenever needed to a wide range of fleet vans for deliveries, and with a nationwide team operating from Dublin to Limerick, Waterford to Mayo, Noel needed access to a truly national fleet network to support his growing team.

Understanding CandyKing’s unique fleet requirements was key to developing a strong partnership that has enabled CandyKing’s business to grow over the past 7 years. Our Business Fleet Service team worked with Noel to deliver a tailored fleet solution that gave him access to a wide range of fleet vans, available nationwide at short notice, and backed with full service and maintenance included to guarantee that his staff could stay on the road at all times to meet client demand.

Our flexible fleet rental solution aligned to CandyKing’s business needs has meant that Noel can rapidly expand his fleet nationwide to support his growing business without the need for long term commitments and has played a positive role in the growth of CandyKing’s business across Ireland.

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