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Europcar Business Fleet Services replacement car rental – at your disposal anytime, anywhere

There are few experiences more infuriating, particularly when en route to an important appointment, than the breakdown of a car. Should one find themselves in an unfamiliar setting, that frustration can quickly turn to panic, especially if the driver has no form of recourse put in place. Luckily, such contingency plans are now all but carved in stone. Indeed, Europcar [...]

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Electric vehicles can go the distance – just ask James Bond

A cache of documents, leaked from the traditionally airtight ranks of MI6, has revealed that a certain 007 will now be embarking on his hazardous missions in an electric vehicle. None other than James Bond, a man renowned for pursuing nefarious renegades to the ends of the earth, has come to the conclusion that saving civilisation also involves doing his [...]

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Is your organization ready for corporate car sharing?

Car sharing in Ireland is becoming more and more popular with companies like Gocar and Yuko leading the way when it comes to individual rentals. But facilitating the same service for businesses is a little bit trickier as it requires the buy-in of directors.Corporate Car Sharing is a kind of business mobility service that many companies over the world have [...]

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How the Europcar Business Fleet Services Online Portal makes vehicle reservation seamless

All Europcar Business Fleet Services customers know that their assigned account manager is only ever a phone call away, but our online management portal also allows them the autonomy to make, amend and extend reservations and rental agreements when the need arises. The Europcar Business Fleet Services online management portal is a centralized automated platform, from where our clients [...]

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Inside Europcar Business Fleet Services’ commercial fleet customization

Whenever we are approached by, or approach, a prospective client, it is Europcar Business Fleet Services policy to schedule an onsite consultation as soon as possible. There is really is no substitute for getting a first-hand look at a business' operation, to ascertain not just what they do but how they do it, and how we can best help [...]

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Irish cyclists laud Europcar Business Fleet Services’ partnership with 2018 Rás

Even in the perpetually precipitous and claustrophobic world of elite professionals cycling, for its sheer volatility, the Rás Tailteann is deemed an outlier. Ireland’s greatest cycling showcase doesn’t so much induce fear among the peloton as it does a heightened expectation for the coming eight uninterrupted days of attrition. The 2018 edition of the Rás has, compared to previous [...]

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