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Benefits of Long Term Car Rentals.

Long-term renting is an alternative to buying a car, it’s simple, you get the car you want and at a price that is easy to afford. Our clients are individuals, small, medium or large Multinationals who require reliable means of transport. We treat every customer with the same level of importance and integrity no matter the size of the business. We understand that as business customers you require up to date driver aids and as such, where possible, we endeavour to provide vehicles with such technology if these specifications are available.


When you are renting a car with Europcar Business Fleet Services, no long term leasing contracts are necessary. There is no notice period required. When you’ve finished with the rental the vehicle can be returned to us. You only pay for the days that you utilise.

Higher mileage allowance generally with rental. Allowances are set with us based on the current market and our experience of what average business usage require. If during the consultation process we are advised of a higher mileage requirement we can adapt the offering as is needed.

A key advantage is that we can adapt the allowances at any time if the client’s needs change, unlike leasing where an allowance is calculated at the start of the 24 / 36 / 48-month term contract without any possibility of amendment.

Our reach is vast, we operate over 18 Locations in Ireland. Airport locations are 7 days per week. We are truly nationwide and continuing to expand.

Our fleet is the newest in the industry, averaging 10 months old across a range of 6,500 vehicles. We offer city cars, sales cars, executive vehicles, SUV’s and luxury vehicles ensuring we have vehicles for every need.

Leasing a van


Map your business to your seasonal business fluctuations – Should your business ramp up at certain periods or tail off at other times you can balance this with your long term rental requirements. Unlike leasing, adding to or removing vehicles is simple without the need for new capital exposure or finance approval.

Upgrade or downgrade vehicles as required. We can balance your fleet as is needed. Generally, we would be able to upgrade or downgrade your vehicle same day.

Europcar Business Fleet Services rolling fixed rates - you only pay when you rent. No hidden costs or fine print.

All our cars and vans are the latest models, are clean and presented with accurate paperwork and tax discs displayed clearly each and every time. Also, service and maintenance are always included in the price.

Lease a car in Dublin


Off-Balance Sheet Funding – one of the key benefits of long term car renting is that your company can source vehicles without acquiring debt onto your balance sheet.

The team of Experts – Europcar employs a team of fleet specialists that are on hand to assist you in any way possible while you get on with the important business of running your company. At Europcar, customer service, customer consultation, and client management are keys to ensuring a long-term and successful partnership.

24/7 Management Portal - Europcar Business Fleet services has 24/7 online booking system so you can book your vehicle whenever it is convenient for you. In addition, we give you access to previous invoices and allow you book the delivery and collection of fleet vehicles nationwide.

Long term car Lease Ireland

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